Collection: Trek Rail - Big Deal!

Be in quick the Trek Rail Fortunate 50 is exclusive to Scotty Browns.

The deal is limited to 50 bikes so tell your mates and head in store to be wowed.

You get a killer price on a sweet new 2023/24 Trek Rail, and Scotty gets to feed his kids and shout the boys in the workshop a box of Grizzly's finest donuts for building it faster, we won't leave you left hanging. 

Want to be part of the Trek Rail Fortunate 50?

Here's the drill....

  1. Choose from one of the Trek Rail 5, 7, 9 or 9.8 T-Type.

  2. Please call or email (buttons above) to express your interest.

  3. We'll double check your size and get the order in with Trek.

  4. We will get the bike sent from Trek NZ and built up fast so you can get out on the trails. Be part of the fortunate 50 and tell your mates, this deal won't be beaten.