Collection: Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz at Scotty Browns is all about finding the right build to meet your needs. We do everything from complete bikes to custom builds. Please note the prices listed for these models are the lower spec builds for a CARBON frame to represent a "starting point" for the bikes (the C frame- R build kit). Some model options are in store for immediate delivery, many are available to order so if you're looking to start building your dream bike just get in touch with us here and we'll get the ball rolling to build your very own, special "FOR YOU" Santa Cruz bicycle.

With a range of options with both Santa Cruz and Juliana we are excited to work with you through the detailed process of choosing a bike or going through custom build process. 

Instore we usually have some complete bikes and frames, but also know that our specialty here is CUSTOM BUILDING to your specifications.... this is not an impulse purchase but rather a relationship that we are excited to share with you.

Drop instore, email or call us on 03 3663773 to start the journey.