Collection: Gravel

Gravel bikes! Yes, gravel bikes! They are sweet machines that are not just for Cyclocross anymore. And the Scotty Browns team is pumped to see how much the gravel market has grown, so many amazing trails to explore.

This emerging breed of bike is redefining versatility for every type of rider. Rediscover your "normal rides" from a whole new angle. You can take off on many new adventures at speed, on dirt and gravel tracks, while still being able to dominate on asphalt. For the road cyclist that wants to explore more off road and the mountain biker that is looking to take their ride longer distances, these machines are expanding bike riding for everyone. Could this be the exact tool you've been looking to add to your arsenal of bikes?

We've answered the call this season and have curated an inspiring selection across our brands. We are super excited about the new release of the Solace eRide from Scott. Also in our collection Santa Cruz's stigmata, Cervelo Aspero's, Trek Checkpoints and Ridley Kanzo's. Each brand and model offer their unique take on this ever-growing genre of cycling. Our range will continue to change based on the new releases of these bikes, so come in and check out the range or contact us to find out future availability of these models so you too can explore further.