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In a nutshell, we are passionate mountain biking and road cycling enthusiasts that respect and understand all aspects of the cycling lifestyle. We want to be a hub for like-minded cyclists from all disciplines of the sport, whether it be racers, soloists, mountain bikers, road bikers, triathletes, multi-sporters, recreational riders or weekend pros. We passionately believe that cycling is more than a sport and very much a lifestyle.

The Scotty Browns team is in every way focused and dedicated to our customers. We absolutely respect that our customers want and need premium service, selection, and advice. As a Scotty Browns customer, we know that trust is key to this experience. This is engrained within our ethos, we want you to feel like you have reason to be a loyal friend. We have your back and it would be an absolute honour to have your confidence in recommending us to your friends and to have your trust in that you really are dealing with the best.

25 years young goes to proving our store culture is worth being a part of on every level. So welcome to our world, let us guide, steer and help you to get exactly what you need while we strive to reach and exceed your expectations.