"Live, don't what if"-  the coined slogan of the Scotty Browns Bike Emporium, is embedded from the idea of making dreams a reality. And there is nothing like selling Colnago road bikes, here in little New Zealand, to illustrate that philosophy more.

Do you remember those dreams when you were a kid, ripping pages from magazines and sticking them to the wall of your bedroom... the Lamborghini countach, red magnum pi Ferrari, the aspirations of something almost unobtainable, inspirational, and that want for something incredibly special? For many young kids, there was also pictures of bike riders and bikes... and more than any others, one bicycle was used.... the COLNAGO! The most beautiful, wished for bicycle of a generation and a bicycle company that can still boast that admiration factor.  If it was socially acceptable, men would still pop pictures in their bedrooms of the latest, most wanted piece of bicycle history on the planet.

Colnago, is the dream and realization of Ernesto Colnago, the man that to this day, designs, crafts, inspires and owns Colnago Italia. Colnago is used by pro teams, cognizers, aficionados. One of the most beautiful bicycles in the world. The brand that inspires all of us at the Scotty Browns Bike Emporium.