Collection: Pinarello

The history of Pinarello compliments the culture and passion instilled by the team at Scotty Browns Bicycle Emporium. We live, breath and love everything cycling because of inspirational companies like Pinarello.

Giovanni Pinarello, "Nani"  was a passionate bike racer from Italy. In 1961 he opened his bicycle company building 100% handmade bicycles for pro cycling riders, in a small workshop close to where he lived in Treviso. In 1975, his Pinarello bicycle entered and wins the Giro De Italia, this was the beginning of something special. In 1988, the Pinarello, ridden by the famous and Iconic Pedro Delgado, wins the tour De France! The story of excellence continues as Pinarello is now one of the most winning bicycle companies in pro racing history. 

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