The Story of a Bike Emporium

Founded in a time pre-internet, email, and even faxes! A classic phone call, snail mail or a face to face visit were the ways of contacting a store. Originally, Scotty Browns was a first of its time, full-color mail-order bicycle catalogue. Blowing the competition away with world’s leading road bike brands and pricing. Driven by a persistent passion for both cycling and delivering unbelievable personal service, the success of Scotty Browns breathes strong, and the birth of the Bike Emporium begun.

Now 25 years strong, we have built our pedigree as a premium road cycling store, with a progressive edge as a mountain bike retailer. Building a strong and reputable mountain biking culture. Above all, service remains as our uppermost cornerstone and you’ll feel this the second you walk in the store. Whether you are purchasing your first bike, building a bike of your dreams or stopping in for a full service of your trusty rig. We fulfill any service from wheel building, suspension rebuilding, and bike fitting as if it were our own. The culture and exuberant passion from our team are the reason you’ll keep coming back.

Passion comes from the heart, so our shop offerings are exclusive to products that we would use and believe in. The cycling world is simply that, a world, full of choices beyond our comprehension! With years of expertise, we make it simple for you, by offering a handpicked range of bicycles and bike accessory selections. Most prominently illustrated is our in-house designed, Scotty Browns Bike Emporium apparel, and seen all the way through to our thoughtfully handpicked bikes and accessories and customization services. From shoes to wheels, tires, and even down to sports food, we will rate every product you take home. In a nutshell, you can trust us, knowing that what you use, we would too…. What’s even better than saying it, is seeing it. You can count on catching any member of the Scotty Browns Bike Emporium team out riding and competing on the road, on the mountain bike trails, here in New Zealand and abroad. Plain and simple biking makes us smile and sharing that joy with our customers makes us smile even more!

So…… Walk into the store, feel welcomed and feel free to ask questions. Let us guide you and advise you in an unrushed, positive and memorable environment. We care, we really do, and you’ll feel this and become an absolute raving fan of our store. 25 years on from the birth, be part of the winning equation!