Juliana Mountain Bikes

The Original Women’s Mountain Bike

In the '80s and '90s, mountain bikes were effectively designed for, and marketed to, men.  At the same time, a few bold females were pioneering the sport for women.  Inspired by this movement, we felt it was time for a change.

In 1999 we created the first mountain bike aimed specifically at female riders. It was a groundbreaking shift in focus for the industry, driven by a groundbreaking woman - Juli Furtado - one of the fiercest mountain bikers of all time.  We called this bike “The Juliana”.

Today, Juli’s initiative has grown into an award-winning line of premium mountain bikes ridden by a crew of athletes, racers, and guides who continue to blaze new trails.  Our goal is to ignite the imagination of female adventurers around the world and create something uncompromising for those who refuse to accept the status quo.

The prices listed for these models are the lowest spec builds to represent a "starting point" for the bikes.

Juliana at Scotty Browns is very much a custom program, with far too many options to list. Some model options are in store for immediate delivery, many are available to order only a phone call away. One thing we aren't sorry about is being able to take time with you to build your very own, special "FOR YOU" JULIANA bicycle.

We at Scotty Browns are proud to assist you through this detailed process and custom bike build experience. Helping your through the selection stage while you bring the components, frame, wheels and parts together to form your perfect and special personalized mountain bike.

Please call our staff with inquiries or wander through the bike shop as we have frames IN STORE - but please understand our specialty here is CUSTOM BUILDING to your specifications.... this is not an impulse purchase but rather a relationship that we are excited to share with all of our customers.