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A big reason that Cervelo is a go-to brand at Scotty Browns Bike Emporium is PERFORMANCE!

For more than 20 years Cervelo has designed, and more so engineered, the world's fastest bikes. Cervelo's goal from inception was to make the fastest, best performing bicycles available to us all. Morning racing enthusiasts, pro team riders or ironman champions... whatever your passion, your sport, your need, Cervelo has a bicycle to help you achieve your best.

Road bike performance comes from three platforms. The latest addition to the Cervelo range is the Caledonia offering amazing comfort, with a slight aero shape and including the latest global design trends. The new Caledonia range which includes the Caledonia and Caledonia 5, presents a sleeker design, with geometry changes to make it more comfortable and stable. Still featuring in the road platforms are the sleek, fast and air cutting S series and the light, nimble and compliant R series. Both offering unsurpassed design and technology with impressive style.

Time trial and Ironman performance is really unsurpassed. The P series must be the most famous TT bicycle model of all time. The incredible success on the Ironman stage and just the sheer numbers of these bicycles used at the Ironman world championship in Kona Hawaii, gives us all the proof that, when you want fast impressive speed and leaving no want in the aerodynamic department, the P series TT rig is a stand out, go to, must have TT-IM machine.

Cervelo, easily one of the most innovative bike companies on the earth, lets all of us share in the passion to go fast, go well and go in style. So, stop into our Christchurch location or give us a call today and let the team at Scotty Browns take your performance to the next level. 


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