Scotty Brown

Scotty Brown himself is the man behind the brand name. Back in 1993, a young Scotty started his luck at being a bicycle shop owner. He said he started a bike shop because at age 18, he was cocky enough to think he could do it better than what was already around. And at the time no one in New Zealand was really bringing the pro peloton products into the country. It was hard to buy cycle racing kit back then and race pedigree bikes. So, young and passionate Scotty started the shop.

Scotty grew up on Blenheim road in Christchurch and started cycling when he was about 12 years old. His passion for cycling started when he got his first bike for Christmas, it was a sparkly blue Morrison, from there, the seed was planted. Scotty’s passion really developed when he got into the Track cycling development program in intermediate school. He says he wasn’t a natural but had the motivation to never give up. Track cycling soon became something that he aspired to be successful at. “This got me into cycling in a big way, following pro cycling, reading about it, talking about it. I was hooked.” 

Scotty is a road biker through and through, but as a bike shop owner has moved with the times and does a fair share of mountain biking as well. He loves the Carrera SL’s for his road bike choice and currently rides a Scott Spark RC 900 cross country bike. One of the greatest spectacles of the Scotty Browns Bike Emporium is Scotty’s inspiring and impressive antique bike collection. His favourite being the Le Mond steel Z-team. If you have never been in the shop, a browse through his cycling museum is worth a visit.

When Scotty isn’t on his bike or at the shop he enjoys hanging with his two young boys, mowing the lawn, or playing with EPIC cars. As many of you know, Scotty is rather in love with fast, flash and rare automobiles, especially 911’s. He also says he loves anything beautiful because beauty is inspiring.

Scotty Brown is not a shy character and many of us know him for his outgoing and fun-loving character. But a few things you may not know about Scotty is that he was in a cycling accident when he was 13 and has a rather large scar on his leg from the accident. This has made him a huge advocate for safety. “Always have lights on your bike and wear a helmet!” he says. 

If you ask Scotty what he loves most about owning a bike shop, the first thing he will tell you is that he loves sharing his extreme passion not only for cycling, but for people, and service all in one. He loves employing awesome people and making a difference in their lives. And being able to build relationships with people in the community and the bike industry from the world over. Most of all he loves building the culture of cycling and being an influential brand.


Aidan is co-owner and the wise wizard of Scotty Browns Bike Emporium. If you have a question or a problem of any kind, he is the man to with answers and solutions. Born in Ranfurly, Aidan carries over 20 years’ experience in the bike industry. He likes to ride mostly road bikes but has a very cool collection of single speeds as well. Biking is his main hobby, but he also has a huge passion for music. Believe it or not, Aidan has never had a driver’s license, he is a cyclist through and through. He enjoys watching the pro’s and big peloton races but has a strong opinion against drug cheats in the sport and thinks that athletes who violate the drug rules should be banned for life and own up to their guilt when they are caught. The integrity of honest racing is important for the longevity of the competition. The one thing he likes best about working at Scotty Browns is spending each day with people who love biking.


Simon is our bike mechanic extraordinaire. He is an absolute magician on the tools and a master of his trade. He is a born and raised in Christchurch local, living the beach life in New Brighton. He is the heartbeat of the Scotty Browns workshop and started his career in the bike industry at age 15, dusting and installing doll seats on bikes. Almost 20 years later he is still at it, but installing slightly different parts now. Simon rides a Trek Remedy 9RSL mountain bike and commutes to work on a custom carbon fixie that he has pieced together. He is always keen for a ride on a road bike and usually enjoying whatever bike happens to fall into his hands. His hobbies include camping, cooking, and being in the outdoors, but cycling is definitely Simon’s major hobby. Things you would never know about Simon are his utter hatred for peas and corn! He went through a bouncy ball collecting phase in his life and enjoys trying to juggle objects. He is also fascinated by Yodeling! His favorite thing about working at Scotty Brown’s Bike Emporium is the lifestyle and the passion that exists here at the shop. The opportunities past, present and future that allow him to challenge his skills and further his knowledge in the industry. Best of all he enjoys Scotty’s Tuesday morning stories about his experiences from the past weekend. They are always a good laugh!


Tony is part of Scotty Browns service department and is an extremely experienced bike mechanic. He is from Wellington and has been working in the bike industry since 1998. He started his career at Penny’s bike shop. He rides an Intense Tracer mountain bike and commutes to work on a Serotta mountain bike. But his favourite bike is his Suzuki GSX-R 600. As motor cycle racing is another passion Tony has outside of mountain biking. He also enjoys skiing, climbing, running, kayaking, and really any other outdoor activity. Tony is an ex Air Force Armourer and has many crazy stories from his experience in the Air Force. He has worked at Scotty Browns Bike Emporium for 6 years and says the best part about working here is “Scotty’s unique workplace style”.


You know Scotty Browns Bike Emporium for its excellent customer service and super helpful sales staff, rock star Rachel is a great member of that smiling and fun group. Rachel grew up in Alexandra and was a competitive figure skater, these days it's all about the bike. She got into cycling after watching her brother do an Ironman and was recommended to take her bike to Scotty Browns for a service, she was instantly hooked and soon after starting working with the team and the rest is history. She is an avid road cyclist and mountain biker riding a Cervelo R5 and Scott Contessa Spark 910. Rachel is also a stellar golfer and had a scratch handicap in golf. Her favorite thing about working at Scotty Browns is the passion and knowledge the team has to provide the best possible customer service.