Collection: Factor

The Factor name may be new to you, but their work isn’t! The engineers at the Factor factory have created some of the world’s most sought-after road bikes of modern time. Bikes that helped redefine what we expect from a carbon fibre road bike. Factor was the first to break the 900g barrier and then the 800g barrier - legendary!

They’ve produced bikes that have won many of the world’s great races, from Classics to Tour de France stages, even the overall for the Tour de France and the Giro.

Their pioneering processes are considered state of the art for the carbon fibre bicycle and their work has been emulated by nearly every factory and every bike brand working in carbon.

 As a factory owned brand, Factor controls every feature of the design—the geometry, the frame shape, the fibre choice and the layup. This gives them the incredible ability to move from design to prototype to production at a speed no major manufacturer can match.

With a passion to make the best bicycles possible. Factor strives for excellence for the simple reason that an excellent bike is the one we want to ride. And that is why we are excited about now having this brand available at our shop. Offering unique and inspiring bikes that are performance-driven and crafted with passion. A Factor is an awesome new option well worth considering. These bikes are truly next level.