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  • TREK Project One

Your Project One bike is one of a kind, and the first time you see it should be just as extraordinary. This is the ultimate customised bike experience.

We are part of Trek's Project One bespoke custom program which is limited to a select number of stores in New Zealand. We love sitting down and providing you with a personalised experience to build and design your dream bike.

Whether you are after a super cool road bike or a Speed Concept to ripe along the road we can offer it all.


Speed Concept is a lot of things, but above all, it’s fast. It's the most aerodynamic Trek bike, which makes it an ideal triathlon bike and a great choice for TT enthusiasts who know every second matters. Plus, it's an exceptional value: adjustability, integration, customisation options, aero wheels and an 11-speed drivetrain – all in a super aero bike built for flat-out speed.

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