Factor Lando HT Frame


  • Factor Lando HT Frame
  • Factor Lando HT Frame

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Whether you want to rip along flowy trails, destroy your rivals between the tape, or feel the joy of a lightweight hardtail mountain bike, the Factor LANDO HT can set all your rides alight. Made from high quality materials and a carbon fiber layup utilizing different carbon types to optimize efficiency requirements, the LANDO HT offers exceptional stiffness-to-weight in a minimalist package. It is the hardtail mountain bike of choice for discerning XC riders looking to maximize their speed and race times.


The LANDO HT has been designed to appeal to a wide range of XC and gravel-oriented riders. The 29-inch wheels and modern geometry combine to work seamlessly with both a 110mm travel front suspension or the all-new Black Inc Fully Rigid Fork. This built-in versatility significantly enhances the LANDO HT's gravel applications while still keeping it well-centered in the XC racing world.


Thin seatstays connect lower down the seat tube to enhance vertical compliance, while their kinked design further improves this by introducing discontinuity into the system. The standard 31.6 seat post is extended to absorb more vibrations from the tail and provide additional support.


The LANDO has been designed in unison with Black Inc components to complement ride quality and minimize weight. Made from the best quality materials including a tremendously strong Ni-Cr axle, CeramicSpeed bearings and Sapim CX-Ray spokes, the Black Inc TWENTY SEVEN wheels are XC-specific with a modern focus for today's technical race courses and exceptional riders. The one-piece barstem, tow-bolt seat post and computer mount with a hidden Go-Pro attachment round out the tailor-made suite of components.

Combining its modern geometry with the 2.4-inch tire clearance, the LANDO HT will stand up to any loamy trail situation you may face on race day. With ample room to withstand mud build-up, the LANDO HT's utility extends well into 24-hour marathon races where trail conditions can change as the hours - and mud - continue to accumulate.

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