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The Colnago Concept Frameset marries Colnago’s legendary ride quality to aerodynamics.

Orienting frame tubes so that they slice through the wind with minimal disturbance is one thing.....A sweet-riding bike is very often another.

The new Concept, 2.0 if you will, is a no holds barred, UCI-approved aero road frame. Everything about the monocoque design has been looked at through the lens of aerodynamics-while still being a Colnago. The Concept is more aero than Colnago’s V1-r by the same amount that the V1-r is more aero than the Colnago C60. The result is a bike that is more aerodynamic than any previous Colnago, stiffer than any previous Colnago, but still a bike that is comfortable enough to race or ride for eight hours at a time.

The Colnago Concept brings their legendary all-day geometry with aero frame design. The result is a aero road bike that comfortably cheats the wind.