Trek ALANT+8 (45kph)

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  • Trek ALANT+8  (45kph)
  • Trek ALANT+8  (45kph)
  • Trek ALANT+8  (45kph)
  • Trek ALANT+8  (45kph)

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Allant+ 8S is a performance e-bike built for riders who want to go far and go fast. The super powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor and extra long-lasting battery are perfect for long-distance commuters and avid e-bike riders. This bike also has thoughtful design features created specifically for people who prefer riding their bike over driving their car. Limited to a whopping 45kph this is the fastest legal commuter bike available today.

It's right for you if...

You’re an avid bike commuter or dedicated e-bike user who’s hoping to cut down – or even cut out – your car use. You want a fast, top-of-the-line speed e-bike that can simplify your life and invigorate your daily routine.

The tech you get

A sleek, high-performance hydroformed aluminium frame that fully encases a 625 Wh battery – the longest-range Bosch offers – an ultra-powerful Bosch Performance Speed drive system that helps you sustain speeds of up to 45kph and an incredible Kiox controller. Plus, a 10-speed Shimano drive train, powerful hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping power, a Lync front and rear lighting system, mudguards and a rear rack all integrated beautifully.

The final word

You’re going places, and you wanna get there super fast. This bike features Bosch’s speediest motor and longest-range battery making it great for long-distance commuters.


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