Legacy Base Layer


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The Legacy Base Layer is the perfect piece for every cyclist to own. Wear this under your cycling jersey on the road or mountain bike top while you are thrashing the dirt. Hell, wear this on your next run!

On the hottest days you might want to wear less, but a lightweight and breathable layer like this will help keep you cool and dry in the heat. Sweat is drawn away from your skin then dries quickly, keeping your core temperature stable – breezes and fast descents won’t chill skin that’s wet with sweat when a well-fitted base layer is working to keep you dry.

The base layer is full waffle providing a lightweight and breathable layer for both hot and cold weather keeping you cool and dry in the heat and insulated in the cold weather. We added some extra SB flavor so you can take you jersey off after your ride and still look super cool :) So ditch your boring white base layer and upgrade your gear to include one of these amazing Scotty Brown Legacy Base Layer. 

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