Pinarello Prince TICR FX Frameset Red 54cm




The Prince inherits the DOGMA F12 total cable integration system, called TiCR, which enables a significant aerodynamic advantage. The Pinarello Prince FX uses a higher grade of carbon than the Prince.

The geometry of the Pinarello prince was engineered with the elite performance of the Dogma in mind. It promotes a combination of low weight, high stiffness, aerodynamics, and asymmetry. The Prince FX gives you clearance for up to 28c tires, giving you a bit of extra comfort compared to a professional race bike. Equipping these larger tires will provide more dissipation of vibration and help compensate for the stiff nature of the frame. This extra comfort with amazing handling, great stiffness, light weight, and aerodynamics give you everything you need to perform at your very best on the road.

Frameset available in 54cm, get in touch to talk about build options to spec your dream bike.

* Image shows what bike could look like built up using this frameset.

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