Pinarello Dogma F10


  • Pinarello Dogma F10
  • Pinarello Dogma F10

The Dogma F10

It has been made most famous by way of numerous SKY cycling team wins. The hugely popular 65.1 Dogma has been redesigned to bring the ultimate aerodynamic package to what was one of the most popular designs of the modern pro peloton. The major improvement is the redesign of the down tube. The down tube of a road bike generates more than 15% of frame drag. The Dogma F10 has been redesigned from the previous model to cut this drag by more than 12%!  This is a big difference that a rider will feel instantly.  Finished with touches of aerodynamics like the fins on the front forks and increased stiffness and weight reduction. The beautiful new shapes and design bring the modern F10 Dogma to the road with precision and style. All in all, the new Dogma F10 ticks every box including the ultimate bike swag! If anything, it is worth a stop into our Christchurch location to simply see these impressive frames in the flesh!

Many options and sizes available for immediate delivery or custom order your dream!