Ibis Mojo HD4- Frame Only



  • Ibis Mojo HD4- Frame Only
  • Ibis Mojo HD4- Frame Only


Championship winning enduro bike. It may be slack, but it's not a slacker.

The HD4’s reputation was defined by winning the overall team title in the Enduro World Series. Built for speed, it excels on steep terrain. While slaying the rowdiest descents may be expected of a world class enduro bike, sprinting back to the top is not. Thanks to the dw-link suspension design, cries of “That thing flies uphill” are common among the slack jawed first time riders.

The Mojo is the foundation of the Ibis brand. In its 4th generation with the brand, the heritage of this bike is a a mega slacker, mid travel, enduro machine. With 170mm front travel and 153mm in the rear shock. You can climb this beast just as easy as you can send it on the down. 

*pricing exclusive to frame only- please ring us for details and availability, not all sizes are in stock. Build kit packages may also be available. Supply is VERY limited, we will work with you to get your hands on one of these, but it may take some time. 

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