Factor Ostro Vam Racing Green




Refuse to compromise ... the latest most stunning FACTOR machine is here!

The OSTRO VAM is the latest most exciting stiff aero race machine from Factor. Being tested live in the pro bunch today!. Best described as a "mid depth" aero machine, the OSTRO combimes aero qualities while not giving one ounce of dead weight away to continue the incredible light nimble feel of the 02. the most awaited and wanted Factor we have ever offered.....

VAM is manufactured with a completely new method of carbon compaction. The Pressurization is far greater than normal allows Factor to wring excessive resin from our base material, therefore making the carbon stronger, lighter and more efficient.

It is light, stiff, unique and impressive ..... Welcome to VAM

Frame package is inclusive of the "chassis" package. This means your frame includes this impressive list of parts:

  • Integrated Barstem
  • Ceramic Speed Bottom Bracket
  • Ceramic Speed Headset
  • Seatpost

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