CHAPTER2 Huru- Frame Only



  • CHAPTER2 Huru- Frame Only
  • CHAPTER2 Huru- Frame Only

The quest to create something unique follows a road less traveled. At CHAPTER2, it begins with the perfect frame before handing it over for you to put all the pieces in place. Every detail is an opportunity for your individuality. You can trial different technologies and, when proven, apply them. From the tyres up, you can pick and choose the components that bring out the best in your performance. Just follow your animal instincts. In the end you’ll have a machine covered with your fingerprints and set-up exactly the way you desire. In fact, it won’t be like any other bike on the planet.

We know that your bike is an extension of your lifestyle, as it is ours. And we know how important it is to have bragging rights to the coolest looking kit on your local bunch ride/race. CHAPTER2 bikes come in two different collections. The ESSENTIAL Collection is the tried and tested but still uniquely CHAPTER2 Matt & Gloss Black. The LIMITED Edition changes every 6-8 months and is produced in limited quantities only. Once sold out The LIMITED Edition design, will never be produced again. This gives you the opportunity to own a unique design statement and stand out from the crowd.

*Note prices listed here are for a frame only and include GST and Import Fees. 

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