Cervelo 2021 Aspero GRX


  • Cervelo 2021 Aspero GRX
  • Cervelo 2021 Aspero GRX

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A very new and exciting riding option is emerging..... FAST

We all love the freedom and exploration that gravel culture is giving us. it was founded on the hunger for new adventures and options other than being railroaded into only riding tar sealed roads. This has lead to Cervelo having to and more so wanting to, develop a new type of gravel machine, one that delivers on road performance as good as we have come to expect from any of the multiple winning road series frames in the past,, yet now giving you and I the ability to turn left or right and hit  trail or a track that we otherwise would have ridden past..... The Aspero, gives us the freedom, the Aspero gives us the comfort and the Aspero gives us the latest styling.... its a huge win from the Cervelo team and you'll find us at the front of the pack when it comes to offering this category up on a cycling platter!

The Aspero is engineered for pure, unapologetic speed. A bike built without limits, for the riders looking to test them. It’s stiff—Classics-racing stiff—and performs like you’d want a road bike to perform off-road. We think that makes sense, and it’s what we were trying to do when we were stuffing bigger tires into our existing frames and swapping in aftermarket forks to get a 40mm tire up front. 

The flip-chip in the fork—we call it the Trail Mixer—keeps the trail measurement consistent whether you choose 700c or 650b tires. This maintains the bike’s personality and handling characteristics when you decide to switch from mid-fats to full-fat.

Gravel rulz!

To low down on the specs

  • Shimano GRX
  • Carbon frame
  • Disc hydraulics
  • Running Shimano 2x11 
  • Aero alloy wheels

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