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The CARRERA SL 730 is the crown jewel from the Racing Series by Carrera-PODIUM. The entire frame design was developed according to our 3 pivotal concepts of the R.R.B.M Technology (Road Racing Bicycles Manufacturing): lightness, rigidity and reliability.

The use of highly performing composite materials, namely special graphite/epoxy resin fibres—a technology deriving directly from the aeronautical, aerospace and automotive sectors—make CARRERA SL 730 a highly innovative and technological product. The front triangle features cutting-edge tubes with ‘round to square’ design, ideal for ensuring rigidity when needed, precise riding and perfect control of the bicycle even in the most demanding situations.

The basic carbon is processed using a new-generation production process known as Va.B.M (Vacuum Bladder Moulding) with EPS (Expandable Polystyrene Shell) and EPU (Expandable Polyurethane Shell) technology, which allow for obtaining a mono-structure finished product, with considerable advantages in terms of weight and thickness. This high-level modelling process, under vacuum control, applies the EPS technology to the tubes of the whole frame, and the EPU shell technology for the bottom bracket, seat tube and head tube zones. This technology evens out and stretches the carbon fibres inside the tubes as well, making them uniform, more compact and lightweight (by reducing their thickness).

As a result, the resistance of the carbon used for model SL 730 increases from 5% to 10%. This yields an extremely lightweight frame with a very high STW (Stiffness to Weight) rigidity coefficient. The rear triangle is designed to offer a very high lateral rigidity—denoting perfect transmission of the pedal stroke power and efficiency—thanks to the innovative concept of asymmetrical chain stays and the Dual Flat system of the seat stays. The entire package yields a compact, responsive and perfectly manoeuvrable frame capable of extremely high performances, weighing a mere 730 g.Carrera SL 730, the perfect bicycle for cyclists who demand extreme lightness and instant responsiveness to mechanical stress, precise riding and maximum performance.

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