The Boom Town Cycling Jersey

Our 16 year Tribute to Jess!

16 years ago, a fresh faced girl wandered into our store on Manchester street. She wanted a road bike and finding one to fit her took some effort...... and then.... before we knew it, JESS was part of the SCOTTY BROWNS family!

It was only fitting that in designing our 2020 collection, a super cool and iconic piece had to be created in spirit of her. Whilst Jess has moved onto the next exciting chapter in her incredible life, we had to continue the legend in store and pass on a bit of the JESS effect and flavor! 

Jess, we hope you enjoy this tribute. Thank you from every person that has had the chance to meet you via the store and for having built a culture around "live don't what if" and getting the job done. 

In the words of Jess, and as a fitting tribute "BOOM TOWN!" 


$15 of every item of  BOOM TOWN sold will be donated to the SUMNER VOLUNTEER FIRE BRIGADE on her behalf