The Keagan N.G.U. Cycling Kit


The Keagan N.G.U Kit 

A staple collection to Scotty Browns. Paying homage to Keagan Girdlestone, the inspiring young man riding himself back to "life after death", surviving a traumatic crash in a cycling race! Scotty Browns presents the second generation of the Keagan Tribute Cycling Apparel Collection. A famous saying around the shop and Keagan's own motto is "Never Give Up". Like an athlete's career, or simply through the journey of life itself, this shop would not be standing if we accepted defeat when things got rough. Through earthquakes, and economic ups- and- downs the Emporium perseveres with the help of all you loyal and longstanding customers. This is a tribute to all of our customers for always believing in us as your trusted and local bike shop. And our latest style that supports our local cycling hero's efforts as he rides back into the pro circuit. We are so proud of you Keagan, and really all of you who keep pushing those pedals day after day.  

Reward is given to those who put the effort in to receive it. This is the kit for those chasing dreams, big goals and big efforts. Let this be your kit of motivation to remember NEVER GIVE UP.

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