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  • Juliana Furtado
  • Juliana Furtado

When you just want one, the Juliana Furtado is the one.

You can not underestimate the performance of this epic machine. Some people want a garage full of bikes—one for every occasion. Other people want just one bike—the one that’s perfect for any occasion. The Furtado is that bike!

A 130mm travel, 27.5, do-everything bike. That is a hell of a lot to live up to. It needs to climb as well as it descends. Plenty of bikes make that promise; few of them deliver on it. The Furtado is the exception to the rule, which is probably why it is Juliana's most popular model!

The Furtado’s geometry was recently revised, giving this bike even calmer handling on tricky descents, yet a more playful and nimble feel on tight and technical trails.  

There are people who say you can’t squeeze all of that into just one bike. Those people haven’t ridden the Furtado.

Juliana offers a wide range of frames and build kits. It's quite an intimate purchase process. For the most accurate information in regards to pricing and componentry that you are seeking with a Juliana, we recommend that you ring us here at the shop or stop in for a visit with one of our knowledgeable staff. 

*2019 and 2020 models featured here. Pricing reflects 2020 model. For more details and availability please contact us.*

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