CARRERA ER01- Complete Bike

$4,500.00 was $7,500.00

When you walk into the Bike Emporium, Carrera frames decorate the walls of the shop waiting for eager riders to build their dream bikes. There is the rare occasion that we build up these beautiful frames ready to roll out the door. That rare occasion is available, in this incredible, "one-off" build. 

This is the Careera ER01 ready to go. Boasting a huge popularity of Gran Fondo riding and events, the Carrera ER01 offers a fresh way to attack the road. Riders can now enjoy riding for longer distances with the most available comfort to maximise longevity and strength for every kilometre of the journey. As Gran Fondo riders ourselves, it was extremely important to not only showcase a Carrera bicycle that was affordable, but to offer a high performance vehicle to many aspiring riders.

This 46cm frame, equivalent to around a X-Small or XX-Small. This frame is packed with over 20 years of italian race culture and design. Built up on Shimano 105 gearing and RS330 Aero Wheels. This is an opportunity to capture an incredibly elegant bike with a rich Italian heritage, at the price of what an "out of the box" bike costs.  

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