TREK Madone 9.0 C H2

$4,500.00 was $6,000.00

  • TREK Madone 9.0 C H2
  • TREK Madone 9.0 C H2

Madone is the ultimate fusion of power, aerodynamics, ride quality, and integration. There are no two ways about it: the first true superbike is a marvel of road bike engineering.

Every detail of Madone is engineered for unprecedented futuristic performance, ride quality, and efficiency, putting every single watt you earn toward demolishing your competition.

The Madone 9.0 shares the pedigree of all Madone bikes with advanced aerodynamics, road-smoothing IsoSpeed decoupler, amazing handling, and impeccable ride quality.

How is Madone 9.0 different from other Madone 9 Series models? 

  •  Madone 9.0 holds the same best-in-class characteristics as Madone 9 Series.  The key difference is found in the handlebar and cockpit area.  Instead of using the Madone Bar-Stem Combo,Madone 9.0 features a Bontrager Race Lite Aero VR-CF 31.8mm handlebar.

 Why the change?    

  • Versatility without the pricetag! It is easier to swap out traditional handlebars to your preferred bar and less expensive than the Madone Bar Stem Combo.  
  • The new bar accepts aero extensions

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