Bike Emporium Deals- Mountain Bike

When you're looking for a new mountain bike, the options are endless. Do you want to get out in the mud, feel the freedom of soaring off big jumps, or simply boost over small features on a single track trail?

With all these options, price sits at the root of the decision. You want to get the most well-rounded bike you can for your money. We are here to help with a selection of bikes offered at that awesome deal and maybe even a little more bang for your buck than you expected! We are famous for our one-off mega deals when it comes to magic offerings. After all, it is the core of our  "Live Don't What If!" values. Let us help you make your two wheels dreams a reality.

Please wander through our ever-changing catalogue of mountain bike deals. If you’re not shopping for yourself, then tag a friend. With an awesome selection of mountain bikes that we offer it is only normal that we have a few bikes that are left standing at the end of a line or last of a size.... either way, here's your spot to find your epic new mountain bike!

Just remember, the bikes here are priced as they come listed. The bike size and spec of the bikes available here cannot be changed. We encourage you to email or call us with questions about these bikes.

*Please note we only ship bikes with-in New Zealand.