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  • Factor 02 VAM
  • Factor 02 VAM

Rewrite the Rules .... The Factor 02 VAM is one of the lightest road bike frame.

The Factor O2 VAM - the result of years of data, innovation and design input from Factor's O2 Project, culminating in a frameset that optimises the original O2 in almost every areaNow this beast is lighter and stiffer yet has better integration and greater tyre clearance. The Factor O2 VAM rewrites the rules of ultralight bikes with an unparalleled ride quality in a featherlight package.

VAM is manufactured with a completely new method of carbon compaction. The pressurisation is far greater than normal allowing Factor to wring excessive resin from their base material, therefore making the carbon stronger, lighter and more efficient.

There isn't a more impressive lightweight option with this much swag available. 

If light, stiff, unique and impressive is what you're after..... Welcome to VAM!

Frame package is inclusive of the "chassis" package. This means your frame includes this impressive list of parts:

  • Integrated Barstem
  • Seatpost
  • Ceramic Speed Bottom Bracket
  • Ceramic Speed Headset

Frames are available on request excluding chassis package build kit, please contact us to discuss the options at scotty@scottybrowns.com.

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