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Scotty Browns Bike Emporium is proud to share our newest and most exciting introduction to road bike riders- The Carrera ER01!  

Boasting a huge popularity of Gran Fondo riding and events, the Carrera ER01 offers a fresh way to attack the road. Riders can now enjoy riding for longer distances with the most available comfort to maximise longevity and strength for every kilometre of the journey. As Gran Fondo riders ourselves, it was extremely important to not only showcase a Carrera bicycle frame that was affordable, but to offer a high performance vehicle to many aspiring riders that are competing globally.

Ride the ER01 and you will instantly notice the front end of the bike is taller, making your sit up much tidier and more ergonomic to everyday riding. Individually shaped 3 main tubes offer a plush and comfortable ride quality while the frame remains very stiff laterally. This lateral stiffness ensures that you don't lose any power or energy in flexing the frame side to side…. and this is a Carrera specialty, as many other Gran Fondo bike frames offer great comfort, yet the stiffness is compromised. Paired with rear stays that absorb every piece of hard bumpy road, soaking up all the shock before it reaches the saddle… you have just found a one stop shop when it comes to your selection of performance and comfort.

Scotty Browns offers these frames in XXS to XXL, there most certainly is a Carrera ER01 for you! 

The ER01 is sold as a frameset and can be built personalised to the cyclists specifications. 

*You can even take it to the next level and have the frame custom painted. This is a service we offer for all of our custom built frame bikes. A fun addition to creating a bike that is truly yours!

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