Carrera bikes were born in 1989, from the passion and want to build, develop and morph the very best road racing bicycle that could be built. From day one Italian cycling history was made, and with over 500 road racing victories including the world championships, Tour de France  Giro de Italia there are few companies that have a bigger reputation. Pantani, Roche, Visentini, Chiappucci have all worn jerseys that reflect the most elite of winning cyclists. While here in New Zealand, McCauley and Vink are names that ignite our passion for local talent.

To own a CARRERA bicycle is to own history, to own value for that history yet recieving state of the art development from a company that is proud to boast family owned values while literally striving for nothing less than ones expectations of italy, the history of italain cycling combined with state of the art materials. At Scotty Browns, we share all these values for the brand, its history and future by hand selection specific models that work best with the harsh unforgiving roads that we as kiwis have to endure. Be part of something very special, reward yourself with carrera.