Get Scotty Browns style - live the passion

12 February 2013

Get Scotty Browns style - live the passion

Love hot colour? You’re really gonna love the latest Scotty Browns apparel line up. Get fresh in lime green, blast back from the 80's in fluro or sizzle in hot pink, even mix mix it with all the brights or a throw back from the legend himself golden era. Scotty Browns Bike Emporium is a local legend here in Christchurch, New Zealand and globally – if these guys are rocking it, you know it’s hot! Oh, yeah, and it's never to late or wrong to run with the classics in black too. Thinking cycling tops, vests, caps, gloves, leg warmers and socks? Shop online and get into it right now! be seen and complimented on your style while always in the back of your mind, your now part of a passion that only excises within Scotty Browns. Welcome to our world! 

An iconic marker in Kiwi cycling, Scotty Browns Bike Emporium chalks up 24 years of owning the Christchurch scene in November. Helmed by formidable local cycling legend and noted philanthropist Scotty Brown himself, the Emporium is a cyclist's dream store and veritable wall-to-wall showcase of the planet’s best bikes....